Boy oh boy are we excited to have Reagandoodle as our grand ambassador! We have to pinch ourselves many times, is this really happening. We love them for thousands of reasons.. No not just because Reagandoodle is a very popular Doodle instagrammer (509K followers as this article is written - go follow them if you have not) and with his amazing photos. Reagan, you just amaze us all the time like how did pour your own coffee for yourself or sitting nicely eating pop corn or be a super nanny and boy how he loves his little human boy Little Buddy. The bond between Little Buddy and Reagan is so apparent that you can feel it instantly the moment you see the photos.

More than all that their whole family holds special place in our hearts. How can they not? Just look at their photos and read their stories. They are the embodiment of what is good, the beacon in our society, the world. While everywhere else you turn, every news you read are mostly negative, they instead shine a light for everyone to focus on and bring so much joy every single day.

When you have bad day all day, just take a glimpse of their posts and you will smile and feel hey there is still something real good happening in the world. Yes there are good people (we don't need to tell there are good dogs. Dogs are always good and Reagan is a top dood dog *wink wink). And this is really what sync with DeeLight Crafts's biggest desire to bring delight. 

Thank you Sandi, Reagan, for the support and love. May God bless you! 
Diana, Charles, Snowden and Sergeant

The Swiridoff and Lewis family are supporters of fostering and they have recently successfully adopted a girl, Stella completing a family of 4 Sawyer and Stella Rae. And they want to continue to support this. So if you want to support their mission please head to and buy their books from here
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