• High resolution pictures are preferable for best artwork.
  • Bright and clear pictures are important. Pictures taken outdoor are usually better in terms of lighting.
  • Make sure no part of face, eyes, ears or body covered. We only draw what we can see. Unless this is meant for pet portrait which will show only head to chest / shoulder.
  • Dark colored pets must be on contrast background to ensure we can see details of fur.
  • Standing and sitting position is better than laying down position.
  • For artwork that requires more than 1 pet, we recommend to have 1(one) type of pose for all pets to ensure they look good together. For eg: all pets are sitting or all pets are standing.
  • If you have one picture of your pets that look good together, you can just upload that one image and we will convert that to artwork and retain all pose in the picture.
  • You can dress up your pets too to bring more fun into the artwork! Have fun taking pictures.